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The places where we choose to get married reflect our personalities, our interests, and our passions. If you are one of those people who love the rich character of historic places, what better place to declare one’s timeless love than in a beautiful, over 150-year-old building that has stood the test of time itself?

The Marietta Community House has warm amber wood floors, large vertical windows, a central fireplace with mantel, and a kitchen large enough to house a catering team. The “house” is incredibly versatile, with three distinct first floor rooms, the living room, the front parlor, and the dining room. You can create the mood, the flow, and the ambience. The second floor, just for you, is the Brides Salon complete with four salon stations, private bathroom, and a French inspired seating area. Not to forget the Groom, he and his groomsmen will have their own lounge to change and exchange stories and advice. If this speaks to you come visit us.

The Marietta Community House

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