Invitations are a critical part of your big day!

Invitations are a critical part of your big day! Whether you are planning a birthday party, charity event, or wedding, the first thing that your guests will see is the invitations. Think of them as a sneak peek into your event.
What will the mood be? What about the theme? Will it be a classy and elegant soiree? What about an all-American picnic? Your invitations can give your guests a subtle look at what the event has in store, and they probably won’t even realize it because it’s a natural, subconscious reaction! 
Invitations are the perfect way not only to let your guests know not only the important information, like where the event will be held and at what time, but also to set the tone of your event.  This is why it is so important to put time and thought into your invitations. 
At Carpenter Invitations and Design, we specialize in helping you bring your wonderful event vision onto paper as the most perfect invitation! Reach out to us today! 

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